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  • 600 mg Choline L-bitartrate
  • 300 mg Inositol
  • 300 mg Inulin
  • 65.01 mg Citrus Aurantium

Night Burner is the dietary supplement that will help you burn fat throughout your night. Its highly studied formula combines the ingredients that will accelerate fat metabolism in the most optimal way possible. It is its action within the body that will allow the degradation of fats. The Night Burner is a fat burner supplement to take before going to bed (unlike the Day Burner which activates the metabolism during the day) thanks to the effects of its ingredients that help the body activate the lipid metabolism during sleep. With its active action during the night, you will burn fat while having a pleasant night.

In addition, the effects of its complete formula combined with a varied and balanced diet can help you lose weight more effectively. Indeed, by acting directly on fat burning, the active ingredients of the ingredients contained in Night Burner will allow you to lose weight optimally. This supplement therefore provides you with help in the management of your weight maintenance.


The Night Burner is the dietary supplement that will act as an ultra effective fat burner thanks to its action on the metabolism. It is the ingredients that compose it that will act as powerful activators for fat burning. Choline L-bitartrate present in high concentration is one of the ingredients to activate the metabolism and solicit more fat throughout the day.

We have selected ingredients for the effectiveness of their complementarity. These components have been assembled in order to preserve the quality of their active ingredients. The choline L-bitartrate contained in the Night Burner supplement promotes the acceleration of fat burning and therefore metabolism. By increasing the faster and more efficient burning of fat, it prevents its accumulation within the body. In addition to its action on the burning of fatty acids present in the body, choline L-bitartrate helps reduce the feeling of hunger in the evening and helps in the digestion of the evening meal.

The Night Burner fat burner also has a high concentration of inositol and inulin. Combined with choline L-bitartrate, their active ingredients will contribute to lipid metabolism and allow you to regulate your appetite to help you in your weight management. The role of inositol is to transport fatty acids to the different cells of our body. Its combination with choline L-bitartrate reduces the deposition of fat in the arteries, but also reduces cholesterol levels. This action is complemented by inulin, which is found in high concentration in the Night Burner supplement. Inulin also acts on digestion by contributing to good intestinal transit and the good state of intestinal flora. This plays a very important role for immunity and general health. In addition, it promotes a slower release of sugar, which promotes normal blood sugar levels during your sleep.

Finally, you will also find bitter orange in the composition of Night Burner. Bitter orange extracts contain active ingredients whose effects will promote weight loss by stimulating the breakdown of fats. Its presence will therefore contribute to increase metabolic activity, and therefore contribute to fat burning in addition to the other ingredients of the Night Burner supplement. One of the active ingredients of bitter orange is synephrine. This compound is an ultra effective ally to stimulate weight loss. Its action on the metabolism makes it possible to actively burn the body’s fat.

The Night Burner is a fat burner to take in the evening thanks to its benefits on digestion, its appetite suppressant action and its role on metabolism. It is ingredients like choline L-bitartrate, inositol and inulin that will help you activate lipid metabolism. Its action within the body will allow the triggering of fat burning in order to reduce their presence in the body in addition to promoting a good transit. The Night Burner allows you to activate your metabolism while having a quality night.


It is with its particularly powerful formula that the Night Burner fat burner will be able to activate the lipid metabolism. Once engaged, the latter will help you unload fat stocks by activating their combustion throughout the night. Its ingredients will also allow you to contribute to a good transit.

In addition, thanks to their contribution to metabolism, the ingredients contained in Night Burner will reduce body fat. This action will promote weight loss in addition to reducing the feeling of hunger which will also help in weight regulation.

Night Burner includes a compound-based formula to effectively meet your weight loss needs. This is the complete solution to help you lose weight by burning the fat brought or stored in the body.


  • When to take Night burner? Night burner should be taken at night.
  • How many capsules? 3 capsules before going to sleep.
  • How to take your capsules? To be taken with a large glass of water, simply.
  • Duration of a bottle? 30 days.
  • Milk-free
  • Nut-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose free
  • Egg-free
Choline L-bitartrate, capsules: E464/E407/E508, inositol, inulin, maltodextrin, dry extract of amer orange (Citrus Aurantium), anti-caking agents: E470b/E551, water.

Food supplement that cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children.

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