ProActive Pro Muscle Bulk – 1000g


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Pro Active Bulk Muscle combines top-tier quality carbohydrates, including maltodextrin, dextrose and starch, and thus allows to improve the formation of fat-free muscle mass. Advanced and complex carbohydrates found within the supplement include the essential long-chained maltodextrin and supreme-quality starch and have low Glycemic Index (GI).

Furthermore, Pro Active Bulk Muscle contains a highly-advanced protein formula that consists of proteins with various levels of assimilation, such as why protein concentrate WPC 80 and micellar casein. They are perfect for improving workout results and addressing body’s needs after intensive physical effort.

This remarkable combination of nutritionally complete proteins and carbohydrates effectively contributes to formation of fat-free muscle mass and supports the development of a perfect muscle structure.

Each dose also contains a small dose of creatine to further enhance recovery and muscle gain.

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