Real Pharm TCM (tri creatine malate) 500g

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Do you want to prepare your body for more intense workout?

Is your goal to increase endurance and gain lean muscle mass more effectively?

Real Pharm’s powdered tri-creatine malate (TCM) will enable you to quickly achieve better training results and increase your strength, which you will utilize during longer and more difficult workout sessions!

Tri-creatine malate will help you to gain permanent and fully satisfying supplementation effects!

TCM by Real Pharm will provide your body with additive-free 100% pure creatine, which comprises of an active molecule containing one molecule of water and three molecules of malic acid.  The product comes is in the form of a perfectly soluble powder, which you can use to prepare a tasty drink.

Supplementation with TCM is entirely safe and beneficial to your health. The tri-creatine malate in our product additionally increases adenosine triphosphate production and guarantees more resistance to the acidic environment of the digestive system, resulting in great bioavailability and increased effectiveness e.g. in the production of phosphate radicals. Tri-creatine malate also increases the rate of phosphocreatine synthesis, resulting in better functioning of the muscles, preventing exertional muscle cramps and reducing their soreness after workout.

TCM by Real Pharm contains top quality creatine in the form of quickly absorbed malate, which is stored in muscular cells and actively stimulates all reactions essential to the proper functioning of your muscles.

The convenient form of the product guarantees quick and effective creatine absorption and enables you to enjoy comfortable supplementation at all times!


Take 1 serving (5g) per day. Do not exceed the maximum daily dosage of 1 serving (5g) per day.


Creatine malate will enable you to stimulate exercise capabilities of the body, both for professional athletes, amateurs and everyone who performs heavy physical work on a daily basis.

With TCM by Real Pharm you will quickly increase the strength and endurance, enhance your body’s recovery capabilities and gain dry muscle mass more effectively.

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