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Is your goal to gain more strength and endurance? Do you want to speed up muscle growth? Creatine by Real Pharm will help you to reach your training goals more effectively!

Creatine by Real Pharm consists of top quality creatine monohydrate enriched with a perfectly designed dose of L-taurine – this combination of active ingredients will intensify the effect of creatine, enabling you to fully utilize its potential!

Both creatine and L-taurine are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. In the case of athletes, deficiencies of these compounds may lead to a sudden decrease in their performance. In order to avoid stagnation, demotivation or slump in form, you have to complement your diet with the addition of these two nutrients which are essential to maintain good health and ensure proper muscle function – creatine, which supplies energy to muscles, and taurine, which enhances its absorption.

Both creatine and L-taurine are naturally present in the human body. The concentration of creatine in muscles determines, for instance, their contractile strength and affects the effectiveness of anabolic and catabolic processes. Creatine is also an additional source of energy, which will enable you to work out longer and with more intensity!

Taurine is a transmitter of creatine, which carries the latter to the muscle tissue –  the combination of taurine with creatine allows to increase its concentration in muscles by 50% when compared to using only creatine monohydrate.


Using this product increases your body’s energy resources, provides effective protection against muscle breakdown (protection against catabolism), guarantees intensification of lean muscle gain (anabolic effect), reduces fatigue, improves muscle strength and endurance, and enhances the processes of muscle protein synthesis.

Creatine by Real Pharm 500g is a pure, additive-free supplement, which contains only top quality creatine monohydrate and a concentrated dose of L-taurine. The supplement is available as an easily soluble powder and comes in several flavors.

Creatine by Real Pharm 500g is the quickest solution to improve the effectiveness of each workout session, both in professional and amateur athletes. Choose quality and exceptional bioavailability of the supplement’s active ingredients, which will enable you to achieve the perfect physique in no time, increase your strength and endurance, and supply the energy necessary for proper muscle function!

Creatine by Real Pharm will also enable you to have increasingly longer and more intensive workout sessions, improve the hydration of muscle tissue, enhance your body’s recovery processes, improve your well-being and help you to avoid constant fatigue! Be sure to check out other products by Real Pharm and enjoy the effects of these top quality supplements offered at affordable prices!

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