ProActive Glutamine Shock – 500g


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Glutamine is one of the key amino acids for every athlete and physically active person. If you want to obtain exceptionally powerful anticatabolic protection, increase endurance or gain significantly more energy, choose the top quality supplement Glutamine by ProActive, which will enable you to speed up the effects of daily exercise and support your body before and after workout sessions.

Glutamine is the only amino acid to have two atoms of nitrogen instead of one, which makes it a valuable precursor and transmitter at the same time. Glutamine will enable you to gain a strong anabolic boost, obtain effective anticatabolic protection and increase your endurance so that you can increase the length and intensity of your work out sessions!

Our supplement contains top quality glutamine, which results in exceptionally high bioavailability and quick absorption. With ProActive’s Glutamine you can be sure that you will increase your lean muscle gain, avoid degradation of the already developed muscle tissue, overcome the demotivating fatigue, improve the functioning of your immune system and maintain appropriate acid alkaline balance, which is key to good health and well-being.

Glutamine by ProActive is the purest powdered glutamine on the market available in amazing flavors, which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction! The combination of top quality L-glutamine, a large dose of amino acid in a single serving and increased absorption rate will allow you to reach every training goal and ultimately speed up post-workout recovery!


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